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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Consumers, Producers and Decomposers

Today, the grade 4's talked about food chains.  We learned that there are different types of categories that organize the plants and animals in the world.  We saw how plants are producers and make the food for the rest of the planet.  (The plants get the energy from the sun.)  Next, we talked about First Consumers, who are animals that eat the plants.  Second Consumers eat the animals that eat the plants.  Third Consumers eat the animals that eat the animals that eat the plants!  Humans fit into all three categories because we are omnivores.

We also talked about what happens to the waste we have from left over food, for example, apple cores or banana peels.  We wanted to see just how this food decomposes in the earth.  We took some small pieces from our lunches that we thought would decompose and buried it in the small flower pots in the front of the school.  In one week, we will dig it up to see just how much has actually been broken down and decomposed.

-Room 4

Putting on the gloves

Waste going into the paper bag

Burrying the waste

Burrying the waste


  1. Hey room 4. I love your blog! I learned that there are apple cores in our front planter, and that you have a new class fish! AWESOME! A blog is a great way to share and reflect on your learning. I look forward to following what you are learning throughout the year.

  2. Wow grade 4`s it sure looks like you did alot of work.
    It looks like you had fun!
    what where the steps you did for your projecit
    Awesome teaching Miss.Steinhoff!