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Friday, March 8, 2013

Les trois petits cochons!

Finally! We have finished our "Les trois petits cochons" videos! These videos were made using the scripts from the AIM Language program which I have now been using for the past 2 years in Basic French. Remember - some of these students did not know 1 word of French before starting this year, (other than the usual Bonjour!) so it is really amazing to see how far they've come!Room 4 - I am so proud of all your hard work! Please watch and leave a comment!
Les trois petits chochons 1 from Mrs.Steinhoff on Vimeo.

Les trois petits chochon 2 from Mrs.Steinhoff on Vimeo.

Les trois petits chochon 3 from Mrs.Steinhoff on Vimeo.

Les trois petits chochon 4 from Mrs.Steinhoff on Vimeo.


  1. I love making these videos! it was so much fun working all in groups and doing these plays in French! It was so Fun and funny, I LOVED them all! :)

  2. Les videos sont tres bons, je vais montrer mes classes aujourd'hui, tu as travaillé, très fort, tu es fantastique.

  3. Bonjour,
    Ca c'est la classe de 8-2 a l'école Lockport.
    La classe adore la pièce.
    Ma classe a 20 personnes, combien de personnes est-ce que ta classe a?
    Au revoir mes amis!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bonjour,
    J'adore la piece. Tout le monde parle très bien en francais. La pièce est très drole.
    Je pense que tu utilise le clay très bien. La classe de 8-3 aime le vidéo.
    Je vais à l'école Lockport, je suis en 8ieme année. Quelle année est-ce que tu es en

  5. These videos are very good considering they are only in grade 4 and 5! They were very funny! The french they knew was very good!

  6. I loved making these video's they were so much fun! I liked making all the little cool details and then fliming them. The music video in mine was probably the best part. My favourite part was when we would just all burst out in giggles.
    I hope we do somthing like this again!

  7. I loved making the french videos they were lots of fun i loved all the videos they are all awesome! if i had to pick a Favorite i couldn't.

  8. I think they came out good but it took a lot of work we had to make the props and more.Are we going to make any more french videos?I really like french now more then I did before you just got to get the hang of it.Making the vdeo`s was a good expercience for all of us!

    That`s all for now.