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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hour of Code is AWESOME!

Today our class participated in Hour of Code and it was a HUGE success! Students felt so proud when they made computers do what they told them to do!  Here are some quotes from the students!

I like that you can learn how to problem solve!  - Grace
Wesley – I love Hour of Code because we make our own levels and have fun. I also like that we can use iPhones, tablets, or computers!
I like Hour of Code because I get to problem solve and practice problem solving so I can get better at it! Geri
Minecraft was hard but it was fun at the end! It took a long time to learn! Reign
I love that it’s fun and educational! - Ryland
Because it’s fun! - Dylan
I like Hour of Code because it teaches you how a computer’s mind works! Keep calm and play Hour of Code! - Kayleigh
I like coding because I am getting better with computers! - Leland
I like Hour of Code because I get to do Minecraft and it’s really fun! - Brooklyn
It helps your brain learn more about computers! - Sara
I like Hour of Code because it’s easy and fun! Nolan
It’s fun! - Sara
Some games are hard but it’s really fun! - Teagan
I like to play because you get to play lots of fun games! - Eric
I like that it’s fun! - Eric
I like that when you play Minecraft, it gets harder every time! - Claudia
I like that you can build your own games! - Mathew
It’s just awesome! - Caleb
It helps you problem solve! - Aidan
It’s fun! - Layla
It helps you learn to code! - Kaden


  1. The cold stuff was so much fun we had to make our own! I miss that classroom 😛

  2. Hour of a code sounds like a great opportunity to expose kids to coding. I am glad the kids enjoyed it.