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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Welcome to a New School Year!!

Hello, Everyone! 

It's great to be back in Room 4 after a great summer! The students have now gotten settled in to many of our routines and we are learning a lot already!! 
This week we are focusing our learning on Terry Fox. We will even be working with Room 7 to sell frozen treats to raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation after our annual run. Just like Terry's goal was to raise one dollar for every Canaduan, our goal will be to raise $1 for every student at our school, in addition to the $2000 goal we have as a school (to collect pledge money.)

Stay tuned for some pictures of us busy at work getting our fundraiser ready! 

Update: Here are some pictures from before and after the run today! We were also part of a fundraiser selling frozen treats to raise even more funds for cancer research. Tomorrow we'll be counting it all up to see how much we can donate!!

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