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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Are You Looking for Some Beautiful Artwork?

Are you interested in finding an artistic way to teach your students more about The Seven Sacred Teachings? If so, we, the Grade 4/5 Class of Radisson School would love to share with you our beautiful artwork, along with instructions, so you can create art pieces on your own, or with your students too!

Before we started even thinking about drawing, we read a book called “Courage” by Bernard Waber. Since “Courage” is one of the Seven Sacred Teachings, our teacher, Mrs. Steinhoff thought it would be a good starting point.  We then brainstormed about each Sacred Teaching, and what characteristics or qualities those teachings represent.

Then we began the artistic process! We started with silhouettes of each animal, and got to choose which one we wanted to make. The choices were Eagle – Love, Wolf- Humility, Sabe – Honesty, Turtle – Truth, Bear – Courage, Buffalo – Respect and Beaver – Wisdom.  We ensured that each teaching was represented.  Next, we began to sketch the outlines of the animals with pencil on black, 12 x 18 construction paper (portrait style). Then, for the background, we drew lines to create 7 sections which represent the Seven Teachings.  We also included a thin border. We used oil pastels to colour in each section a different colour, and use black, grey and white to fill in the animal.

After that, we wrote each teaching out in black, white or grey and placed them below each piece of artwork.  The final display is quite beautiful!  We are using these pictures to decorate our classroom. They will also be part of our I Love to Read and Storytelling bulletin board in our hallway during the month of February.


  1. Wow, these are absolutely beautiful Room 4. Well done!!

    From the Students in Room 1

  2. The art creations are very beautiful I love them they all habeas different animals