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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Digging History

Hello Folks! Have you ever dug up a bead, string, arrowhead, or feather before? Well, we have! Today, our class went to the Transcona Museum. While there, we listened to how oral stories can tell us about the past, and help us predict the future. Next, we used a strainer, a dust pan, a paint brush and tin foil bowls to separate the artifacts from the sand.  Learning by doing hands on activities is fun!  Here are some pictures and videos from the day!


  1. What a wonderful time I had with my students and staff of Room 4! It was great to see everyone show such great group work skills! Way to go, everyone!

    1. Yeah it was a good time I enjoyed when we were digging the sand to find some thing's that you don't see every day!