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Monday, September 15, 2014

At Radisson School, We CARE, SHARE and PLAY FAIR

At Radisson School, we care, share and play fair.  We spent some time as a class discussing what that really means, as seen through the pictures from our RAD Day (Recess Activity Day).  In table groups, we wrote a brief description about what the pictures below display.  Enjoy!

I see fair play and kindness.  The kids on the play ground are playing fair and caring. Sharing our friends is a good thing to do. - Dante, Zane, Madison and Sara

Do you know how to care, share and play fair?! Well, we know by taking turns, having fun and becoming closer to our best friends.  Remember to care, share and play fair! - Summer, Jessica, Daniel and Ryland

Radisson School shares, cares and plays fair!  I see kids having fun and playing by the rules.  Love is another thing that we see everyday at Radisson. - Emily, Zak, Steve, Taryn, Eric

We see kids playing fair with each other.  We see love and having fun and caring.  The kids on the playground are sharing.  We care, we share and we play fair! - Chloe, Reign, Leland, Brooklyn, Byron

At Radisson School, we care, share and play fair.  What we see in the pictures is love and people having fun.  On RAD Day, all the kids are having an amazing time! - Jackie, Caleb, Erin, Kaden

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  1. Hi Mrs. Steinhoff and the boys and girls in Room 4,
    I love your posts and pictures about RAD Day. Everyone looks happy, and seems to be having fun. Sounds like you had some teamwork going in the classroom, too - working in groups, etc. It is great to see your faces, and to see you connecting writing with RAD Day. I will check back to your blog often to see the great learning you are engaging in, in Room 4. Have a great school year. Thank you for your blog, as it gives me the opportunity to stay connected.
    Miss you,
    Mrs. Cross