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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Do you love a good mystery?

Hello, Everyone!

With the planning of our student teacher, Mrs. Choquette, our class recently completed an interesting art/writing project.  We started by listening to the book Private I. Guana, The Case of the Missing Chameleon.  If you'd like to hear the story, click on the link below!

We then talked about what makes a mystery indeed a mystery.  We made the connection that mysteries often have clues to help you solve a puzzle or a riddle.  We decided to create our own mysteries by sketching a black and white portrait of ourselves, but we covered up part of our faces with a mask.   We also wrote poems that gives clues as to who is in the picture.

Here are our finished products! If you are a friend or family member of a Room 4 student, see if you can pick out anyone you know!

♥, Mrs. Steinhoff


  1. Dear Room 4,
    I absolutely LOVED reading your poems and seeing your art work! It's really tricky to write a "good" rhyming poem and I think you all have done an outstanding job! I also thought the portraits were fantastic and believe it or not, I could recognize some of you from your drawings. You also looked like you were enjoying yourselves! Thanks for sharing your work,
    Mrs. Koth-Bull

  2. Wow - great jobs with the portraits, Room 4! I am continuously impressed with the fantastic work that you guys and girls do in class - keep it up!

  3. Room 4,

    Great poems and art work! My students and I enjoyed trying to guess who each of you were from your portraits and poems.

    Ms. Betnar

  4. Room 4,

    Great job on your poems and portraits! You must have put a lot of hard work into creating these masterpieces. Keep up the great work.
    -Ms. Hunt