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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Field Trip to Churchill . . .Kind of!

Today our class took a virtual field trip to Churchill, Manitoba to watch polar bears being their migration.  We were part of a live webcast from Discovery Education Network, where we got to interact with scientists, environmental lawyers and researchers, all who specialize in the protection of polar bears!  We were enough to have many of our questions answered and they even mentioned our class by name!  There were over 1200 other classrooms from around the world that took part and we were the privileged ones to have one of our questions answered first!  It was a fantastic opportunity and tomorrow we will be doing it again!  If you or your class in interested in learning more about polar bears, check out

We'll be sure to share our learning from this special project soon!

Mrs. Steinhoff


  1. hopefully we have a awesome remembrance day assembly tomorrow :)

  2. hope you and your class had fun

  3. Thank you, Jessica! We did have a wonderful time. Where are you writing from?