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Friday, December 14, 2012

What are simple machines? What are some examples?

Some Simple Machines are a Wheel and Axel, A Screw, An Inclined Plane, Levers, A Pulley, Gears and a Wedge.

An example of a Wheel and Axel is a car. The Wheels of a car is a Wheel and an Axel. Without an Axel the Wheels can't go round and round because the wheel needs something to attach so it wont fall off so a axel attaches to the Wheel and now it can roll.

Another Simple Machine is a Screw. A Screw is like a ramp which is a inclined plane rapped around a screw . A screw is a Simple Machine Because it makes your life easier by building you a shelter. Without a Screw you would not have as many machines today.

Another Simple Machine is an Inclined Plane. A Ramp is an exaple for a Inclined Plane. A inclined Plane helps you use less efort to pull or push something. On the other hand if you pick something up it yakes more effort. - Christine

Another Simple Machine is a Lever. An example of an lever is a teter totter in the middle is a Fulcrum, a Fulcrum is to help things go up and down.A Fulcrum can be placed almost anywhere,in the middle, on the end, almost half through the middle and the end. Altough if your Fulcrom breaks then you don't have a Lever - Elora